Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tattoos have been around for along time

Tattoos have been around for along time. The first tattoos are believed to have been in Egypt about 6,000 years ago. Every culture has had tattoos for various reasons including spiritual ones, to protect themselves from evil, to indicate the strength that an individual has or to mark a certain period in history. There are people who oppose them while some do not mind having them. In most case they are associated with rebellion. The art of tattooing is now more acceptable across societies mainly because it is now professionally done. The color and the type of instruments that are used make the symbols that are used appear as real art.
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Musicians have been sporting these tattoo design symbols for a long time even before the mainstream accepted the art. This is especially true for rock musicians whose music is seen as rebellious to authority and the most commonly held beliefs. It is unusual to find a rock star that does not have a tattoo on any part of his body nowadays. The symbols that they use vary from one to the other according to their personal preference. The tattoo design you have on your body will depend on your personality and the kind of message that you want the world to get from seeing it. This is the reason why some are in areas of the body that can be easily seen like the face or arm while some are hidden because the message is personal.

Some of the tattoos that you will find in rock stars are music notes, birds, girls, guitars, hearts, skulls, drums, panthers, badger, reaper, roses and even snakes. These are not the only symbols that they use but they are the most commonly seen on rock stars. It is common to find two or three of these signs used together in one tattoo. There are many famous rock stars that have made them very popular. Jon Bon Jovi who is a 1980’s rock musician has a dragon tattoo, a Superman insignia and a longhorn skull on his body. Jonathan Davis who is a member of the rock group KORN has the initials HIV, the logo of the rock group and another tattoo that shows a bishop revealing Jesus from under his skin. David Grohl who has been a member of many groups including Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Foo Fighters has a chain design on the upper part of his right arm and the initials FF on his back. Lenny Kravitz has a tattoo of a dragon and that of a cross.To see tattoo designs check out The Limp Bizkit member Fred Durst has the image of an angel, a ring, a flower and a spiral design. Henry Rollins has the words “ Search & Destroy” on his back, which appears just above a symbol of a tribal sun. Even young rock stars like Avril Lavigne sport tattoos. She has a small star that is on the inside part of her left wrist. She also had a temporary one on her lower back.

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